The Lady of the Woods

by Elly Hadaway



Storyteller and poet Hel Gurney and I wrote this song as a birthday present for a dear friend, and as the first in I hope a plethora of collaborations!

The Lady of the Woods is a mythical figure of great wisdom and benevolence who appears in Bavarian fairytales, and is an important character in Hel's poetry and storytelling project "Red Hoods and Glass Slippers".

To find out more about the Lady of the Woods, "Red Hoods and Glass Slippers", and performance dates for Hel's show "The Sleeping Princess" (the first instalment of RHAGS), you can visit Hel's website, which is


Follow the lanterns that wind through the forest,
The flowers that trail beneath towering trees,
Whether fairest or plainest, richest or poorest,
The Lady who waits there can bring your heart ease.

Bring her the garlands you wore for your wedding,
Or bring her the wine that you brewed in her name,
Sleep in the woods with green moss for your bedding
And breathe in the wildness where once you were tame.

Sing, sing, sing
The Lady of the Woods
Let us travel safely to you
Oh Lady of the Woods.

Come all ye women who life has left weeping,
Oh come all ye widows and maidens and wives,
Come if your husbands are not worth the keeping,
Or come if you pray that your life will survive.

Come if you're lovesick and crave resolution,
Come if your heart beats for women like you,
Our forested Lady shall bring restitution
To all those who seek her, if their hearts be true.

Sing, sing, sing
The Lady of the Woods
Accept the gifts we bring you
Oh Lady of the Woods.

Sometimes she'll smile and her bright eyes will glisten
As she shows you the way to your intended's heart,
And sometimes her face will turn grave as she listens
And firmly she tells you, 'you're better apart'.

But whether she offers you magic and laughter
Or unhappy truths, it's of no use to plead,
The Lady will not change her wisdom thereafter
For she does not grant wishes, but answers your need.

Sing, sing, sing
The Lady of the Woods
Giving thanks, we leave you
Oh Lady of the Woods.


released May 1, 2016
Lyrics: Hel Gurney
Music: Elly Hadaway
Voice and ukulele: Elly Hadaway
Production and cover art: Somhairle Kelly

For Char. <3



all rights reserved


Elly Hadaway Derby, UK

Folk singer, ukulele player and songwriter. Mountain-powered, disabled, queer, Christo-Pagan. :-)

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